Down Hammock Underquilt – Ultralight, 20*F

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Now, for the enjoyable half! I used “The Shopvac Method”. This definitely works and is *pretty* clear, however is unquestionably time consuming. You can seek for different strategies on as nicely.

1. Hang the quilt with the open find yourself (you should utilize your grossgrain loops!)

2. Take the extension tube off a shopvac hose.

three. Cover the top of the tube the place the hose connects with noseeum mesh and rubber band it in place.

four. Connect the tube again onto the top of the hose. Now you possibly can vacuum down into this and will probably be trapped within the tube.

5. Start vacuuming down into the tube.

6. As quickly as any down is within the tube, it should lose fairly a little bit of suction. For effectivity, do not cease at that time. Use your hand to assist stuff down into the tube. It will proceed to be sucked down the tube slowly.

7. After a number of handfuls, take away the tube from the shopvac (be sure that the mesh stays on).

eight. Place the tube in your scale and nil it.

9. Put the open finish of the tube right into a chamber of your quilt.

10. Blow via the mesh finish to deposit the down into the chamber.

11. Put the emptied tube again on the dimensions. The unfavorable weight proven is the quantity of down you simply added to the quilt. Record this quantity each time.

12. Repeat till you attain the specified quantity of down within the chamber (out of your spreadsheet).

13. Shake the down into the underside of every chamber as you go. This will assist maintain the down from floating again out of the quilt and likewise allows you to visually test that every chamber has roughly the identical quantity of down.

14. Clip the highest of every chamber closed when crammed.

13. Repeat for all chambers.

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