Do-It-Yourself Solar Swimming Pool Heater

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Here’s the completed heater with glass put in and trim (I’m going to deal with the trim and help boards with the identical coloration stain/water seal because the decking and the collector field when the climate forecast requires a couple of days of sunny heat climate).

Here is a little bit knowledge I’ve been in a position to accumulate:
It is flowing at three gallons per minute (180 gph), and at 10:30AM on a sunny day the pool temp is 58° (it was 54° this morning at eight:00AM). I crammed a gallon jug with water from the outflow of the photo voltaic collector (20 seconds) and the temp was practically 61° – so it appears to be like like on a extremely scorching sunny day I may hope for a four° or 5° rise in outflow temp. I believe the pool is round 10,00zero gallons, however attempting to determine the maths of it makes my mind damage (I’m a musician, not a mathematician dammit!) and I assume it actually doesn’t matter – if it really works and I get even a couple of extra days of comfy swimming per yr, then I’ll chalk this up within the WIN column 🙂

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