Do Computer Glasses Really Work?

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Dear Lifehacker,
My eyes usually really feel drained after staring on the pc all day. So I am questioning if glasses designed for pc use truly assist (for instance, these yellow-tinted computer/gaming glasses I’ve seen talked about on Lifehacker or common glasses with particular coatings). They appear dear and I am somewhat skeptical about all of the claims, however I additionally need to shield my imaginative and prescient. Should I purchase a pair of those?

Sore Eyes

Dear Sore,
Vision issues are sadly one of many hazards of an excessive amount of display screen time. In truth, the Vision Council discovered that 70 % of US adults in a single survey reported having some form of digital eye pressure (strained, dry, or crimson eyes; blurred imaginative and prescient; complications; again ache; neck ache; or basic fatigue) because of utilizing digital units for hours at a time.

We’ve beforehand famous several ways to prevent or reduce eyestrain, together with utilizing the 20-20-20 rule to recurrently give your eyes a break and ergonomically optimizing your workstation. In addition to these important tweaks, pc eyewear might additionally alleviate or forestall digital eyestrain, relying in your state of affairs. I talked to a number of eye well being consultants to search out out extra about these particular glasses, and likewise did a two-week trial evaluating new specially-coated glasses with older ones. Here’s what I realized.

How Computer Glasses Work

Computer glasses are special-purpose eyeglasses meant to optimize your eyesight once you’re digital screens. They’re designed to: cut back glare (a significant reason for eyestrain), improve distinction, and maximize what you see by way of the lenses—making it simpler to have a look at a display screen for longer durations of time. Here are the 2 major options you will see in glasses like these:

Anti-reflective (AR) coating: Anti-reflective coatings cut back glare bouncing off screens and from gentle sources. Specially-designed pc and gaming glasses from Gunnar and VC Eyewear provide these coatings and prescription glasses can get anti-reflective coatings as nicely. However, not all anti-reflective coatings are the identical. My final pair of eyeglasses from two years in the past had an affordable coating that was continuously catching smudges and grime—truly inflicting eyestrain and imaginative and prescient issues because of this. I used to be most likely cleansing these issues each half hour. The glasses I lately bought (funded by the Vision Council) with newer/extra superior coating haven’t got that drawback. Photo by Crizal

Validating my expertise, Dr. Jeffrey Anshel, an optometrist and pc imaginative and prescient advisor (who was additionally the technical adviser for Gunnar Optiks), factors out that in terms of coatings, you could have two basic selections: previous and new. Older ones do peel and “craze,” leading to ugly cracks, whereas newer ones put on very nicely and have a one-year guarantee. So once you’re on the eye physician, you will need to ask for the most recent coating—and maybe purchase new glasses even when your prescription hasn’t modified in the previous few years, as a result of coatings positively have improved.

Dr. Paula Gorlin, a board licensed optometrist and member of the American Optometric Association, additional explains the variations between anti-reflected coatings:

Some are simply dippped onto the lenses and are simply scratched and might peel off. Some are “baked on the lens” or “ionized into the lens matrix” through the lens making course of. I personally put on the perfect AR coating [Crizal Sapphire UV] as I work on a pc and underneath fluorescent lighting all day lengthy. I like to recommend the identical to my sufferers on the pc and with these with glare complaints.

Color tints: Some pc glasses even have an unmistakable (often yellow) tint designed to extend the distinction on the display screen and filter out the uncomfortable/harsh gentle spectrums so your eye muscular tissues chill out. The tinted glasses are signatures of Gunnar and VC Eyewear glasses, however tints could be utilized to different glasses as nicely.

Costs: Gunnar glasses retail for $79 and up for the non-prescription variations, however you’ll be able to usually discover gross sales on them (I bought a pair on Woot! for $30). Prescription variations of the Gunnars, nonetheless, can value a number of hundred . Anti-reflective coating manufacturers for prescription (and non-prescription) glasses embrace Crizal, Zeiss, and Teflon. The coating alone will set you again fairly a bit. The coating on my glasses value $150, along with the price of the lenses and body.

So Are Computer Glasses Effective?

Whether or not pc glasses will likely be price it and work for you is subjective, as a result of, as Dr. Anshel notes, elements embrace your visible skills and pc utilization, work environmental situations, and your viewing habits. Here’s what consultants and customers have stated about these kind of glasses.

First: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

If you are not experiencing any eye issues, you’ll be able to simply cease right here. Specially-coated and/or pc eyeglasses will not do something for you (aside from geekify your look). In truth, they may very well be a hindrance. Dr. Robert Noecker, an ophthalmologist and Director of Glaucoma for Opthalmic Consultants of Connecticut, notes that:

Computer eyewear doesn’t essentially forestall eye pressure in an already optimized atmosphere. Also, the vary that the eyes can sweep from one facet to the opposite is maximized with none eyewear. The body edges restrict this vary of movement and may very well hinder individuals extra who should not getting a lot profit from carrying the glasses. Also eyeglasses get smudges which might intervene with imaginative and prescient as nicely.

If You Experience Eyestrain, They Are Probably Worth It

That stated, many individuals expertise digital eye pressure and easily ignore it. Dr. Bazan proprietor of Park Slope Eye in Brooklyn and a member of The Better Vision Institute on the Vision Council, says:

People are so accustomed to their eyes feeling drained on the finish of the day, they only settle for it. Just as a result of it’s regular, doesn’t imply that it is okay. Your eye physician will work with you and assist to get these eyes feeling higher!

He notes these benefits of the several types of glasses:

[Eyeglasses with the premium anti-reflective coating] assist to make sure that your imaginative and prescient stays clear by preserving mud, fingerprints, and so forth. from showing in your lenses. You may also need to search for glasses that embrace a small bump which can present simply sufficient of a lift in energy, that the print on display screen turns into barely bigger, thus lowering eye pressure. In addition, most pc glasses can assist improve distinction, which makes it simpler in your eyes to give attention to a pc display screen.

A number of research and private experiences again this up. A clinical study/survey by New York University College of Medicine of 121 sufferers, for instance, discovered that 69% of them most popular AR-coated lenses over non-coated ones and reported decrease ache or imaginative and prescient issues on account of glare. 79% of them selected Transition lenses (the sorts that adapt to gentle) over clear ones.

For my very own half, getting anti-reflective glasses is a no brainer for me as a result of I’ve to put on prescription glasses anyway, and my eyeballs all the time really feel like they’re being squeezed out of their sockets after hours of analysis and running a blog. The newer premium coatings are a lot simpler to maintain clear. I wore my previous glasses for every week, then the newer ones, and the distinction in eye consolation is wonderful. I truthfully assume that is the closest I’ve ever felt to seeing as clearly as somebody who would not put on glasses—or at the very least what I think about they may see like. Photo by Matt Chan

As for glasses like these from Gunnar and VC Eyewear: Reviews for them are principally constructive across the net; our personal Whitson Gordon wears Gunnars and Jason Chen discovered prescription Gunnars helped with his eye issues (so he might play 75 hours of Skyrim in every week and a half). It’s anecdotal proof, however numerous customers echo these identical sentiments: they will actually assist relieve these complications you get from sitting in entrance of a pc all day.

Why Computer Glasses Seem Like Such a Hoax

Computer eyewear corporations like Gunnar Optiks actually hype up their products and use infomercial-like ways and conventions (trademarking each identify and utilizing different “XTREME” advertising lingo). So it is no surprise individuals are skeptical and think they’re just gimmicks.

However, Krista Anderson, an optometrist and co-owner of Pointe Vision Care in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, notes in an interview with Ars Technica that a lot of the options of pc eyewear like this are actually ones she recommends to sufferers anyway (simply with out Gunnar’s super-hyped-up language): anti-reflective coatings, tints, and so forth.

Gunnar’s claims concerning the wraparounds preserving moisture in your eyes, nonetheless, most likely is not true (we all the time had our doubts). In a clinical study by Pacific University of Oregon, researchers used two management pairs of eyeglasses just like Gunnar eyewear and examined 38 topics underneath glare and dry air situations. After measuring the sufferers’ tear quantity and squinting and blinking charges, they discovered no important distinction between the Gunnar glasses and the controls. So you won’t need to get Gunnar glasses solely if you happen to’re rubbing your eyes continuously as a result of they’re dry. More efficient suggestions from Dr. Noecker:

Increasing the humidity of the atmosphere is useful with a humidifier if possible- digital tools dries the air. Taking breaks to chill out the attention muscular tissues is useful, utilizing synthetic tears to enhance lubrication of the attention floor and remembering to blink extra (blink fee is diminished 2-Three lower than regular with pc use).

So, Really, Should You Buy Them?

Before you spring for particular glasses, be sure you’ve first arrange your workstation and adjusted your pc habits for optimum eye well being. We have numerous recommendation that will help you out:

After following all these tips, if eyestrain or different imaginative and prescient issues nonetheless plague you, take the recommendation from Ars Technica:

Our recommendation if you happen to’re fascinated by one thing alongside these traces? Go to the Gunnar Optik website and create a pair of glasses with the options you need, and take a look at the value. Then go to an area optometrist and see if they will beat the value with the identical set of options. Buy whichever is cheaper.

Many optical retailers have return insurance policies and warranties (Gunnar and VC Eyewear concern refunds inside 30 days), so you’ll be able to take a look at the pc eyewear out your self to see (actually) if it makes a distinction for you.


Special due to the Vision Council and the medical doctors who supplied their professional opinion and recommendation for this piece.

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