Clutch Replacement 2012-2015 Civic Si

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That being stated, there are a number of instruments and provides that you just MUST have to do that correctly and safely. Most of the instruments could be borrowed via the “Loan-A-Tool” packages out there at most big-box auto elements shops. This “required instruments” record is bare-minimum to get it accomplished. Having the suitable instruments is the distinction between a 6-hour clutch job and a 2-day nightmare.

—–Required Tools:

Jack, sturdy jackstands, and Wheel chocks. Make positive that the jackstands are rated no less than Three-tons. Not too massive although. I had a set that had been too massive and the jack would not attain excessive sufficient (the pink ones within the image). Wheel chocks are not non-compulsory. If the automobile rolls and falls off of the jackstands onto you, you’ll die. Use a hydraulic jack rated for no less than twice the total weight of the automobile. (1.5 tons X 2)

Cardboard to work on. Get a number of sheets. This job is messy and also you need to protect a clear setting. Also, get a number of shallow containers (like pizza containers) to make use of to catch fluid leaks & particles when eradicating the transmission and cleansing elements.

Gloves and cleansing provides. Get a field of examination gloves and alter them typically. Also, get some metal wool or scotchbrite pads, some penetrating oil, a metal brush, and several other cans of brake elements cleaner.

Thick blanket. Like a furnishings blanket. You’ll have the transmission in your lap and this can save your legs. It will get VERY soiled.

Pilot bushing puller and a Seal driver. The pilot bushing is small so you may want a puller with small enamel. Look for a “blind gap bearing puller”. The seal driver ought to have a 21mm snout. A Three/four” snout will work however it may injury the bushing for those who aren’t cautious.

Torque Wrench. A torque wrench is the distinction between mechanic and a nasty mechanic. Get one.

Cargo straps and Bungee cords. You’ll use a number of of those to carry elements out of the best way whilst you work.

Flex-head ratchet wrench. I do not know the way I ever labored on vehicles with out certainly one of these items. You’ll want it to get to the bolts on the steering rack. The longer deal with the higher.

36mm axle nut wrench, Pliers, Punch, and Chisel. For eradicating the axle.

Sockets and extensions. Regular sockets: 12,14,17,19. Deep sockets: 10,12,14,17,19,21. 12-point sockets: 10,17. Short and lengthy extensions. The 21mm deep socket is for the wheels, you need to use the tire instrument within the trunk. The 10mm and 17mm 12-point sockets are required to take away the strain plate and flywheel bolts.

Funnel with lengthy hose; Electrical tape; Hammer (any variety); Dead-blow hammer or Rubber mallet; 5mm hex key (allen wrench);Small screwdriver or mechanics choose; Pry bar. Combination wrenches; 12,14,17.

Blue Thread Locker. There is a typical false impression that thread locker will make the automobile harder to take again aside sooner or later. The reverse is true. The thread locker seals moisture out of the threads and prevents corrosion. Make positive you get “blue” or “medium power”.

Anti-seize compound. As a common rule, you must most likely use anti-seize on bolts that you do not use thread locker, simply as a present to future you.

Drain pan of some type. At least 2 quarts so a Halloween bowl or one thing like that can do positive.

—–Tools Not Required however Highly Recommended:

Impact wrench. These are for disassembly. NOT REASSEMBLY! Use the torque wrench for reassembly.

Swivel-head sockets. These are one other life-changing instrument. They make getting at hard-to-reach bolts approach simpler.

Shop vacuum. Not your mother’s or your spouse’s. Use the filter baggage as a favor to future you. Clutch mud is tremendous positive so it will plug the bag fairly fast.

Computer duster. Especially if you do not have a vacuum cleaner.

OE 070AG-SJAA10S Frame Alignment Tool. You may use an alignment drift or a bolt with a 12mm shank.

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