Brain-Controlled RC Helicopter

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Puzzlebox Brainstorms is a free, open supply, cross-platform software program utility which allows Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) management of automobiles, units, and toys resembling LEGO Mindstorms, Radio Controlled Helicopters, and even electrical wheelchairs.

In this Instructable we are going to use this software program to fly our helicopter ahead, hover, and/or land robotically based mostly on detected ranges of focus and leisure from an EEG headset such because the NeuroSky MindSet or Emotiv EPOC.

The first step, after loading the appliance, is to connect with the Puzzlebox Synapse server which was ready within the earlier step. The server can exist on the identical laptop system or be accessed remotely throughout a community or the Internet over TCP/IP. Click on the “Control Panel” tab of Puzzlebox Brainstorms and after verifying the Host and Port settings, click on “Connect” to start receiving EEG detections.

Next click on on the “RC Helicopter” tab.

The transmitter chip ought to have already been extracted and related to the pc system as described in earlier steps. The USB-to-Serial interface will seem as a COM port underneath Windows or a /dev/ttyUSB serial machine underneath Linux. By default, when “Concentration” or “Relaxation” ranges attain a sure threshold (roughly 60% or greater, specificed within the “puzzlebox_brainstorms_configration.ini” file) the “Speed” meter will start to fill and the Radio Controlled Helicopter will take off in “Hover” mode. Once focus or leisure ranges fall beneath that threshold the helicopter robotically land.

If utilizing an Emotiv EPOC headset, you possibly can assign arbitrary detections to helicopter features by linking via the “EmoKey” program to the next keyboard shortcuts:

Home” or “[” – Hover
Page Up” or “]” – Fly Forward
End” or “” – Land

Layman’s Explanation:

(Note: this rationalization will not be 100% correct however could also be a useful strategy to visualize and perceive what’s going on)

Pretend you’re standing outdoors of a baseball stadium whereas a recreation is on. You cannot see the gamers on the sector (we will not “learn your thoughts”) however each as soon as in awhile, you possibly can hear the group cheer and shout and you realize one thing thrilling is going on. We know that when this occurs, it means you’re paying consideration. You can consider the electrode which rests on the temple as an antenna that’s selecting up a broadcast of the group cheering. When we tune to simply the suitable station on the dial and listen to that roar of pleasure, we all know that you’re concentrating.

The human mind is made up of roughly 100 billion neurons that are continuously exchanging and signaling info via chemical processes that produce electrical energy. When a area of the mind associated to a selected perform is very lively, small modifications in electrical exercise might be measured on the floor of the scalp instantly over that area.

Just as with the distant management circuit, we measure these ranges and modifications in electrical exercise in volts (though the modifications are many orders of magnitude smaller). If you have been to drag a single AA battery out of the distant management you’d discover written on the facet “1.5v” which signifies the traditional cost of that battery to be 1.5 volts. We measure indicators of the mind in millionths of volts (microvolts), utilizing an EEG which in essence is simply a particularly delicate voltmeter.

When we measure readings of the mind utilizing an EEG headset, we are able to use arithmetic to course of the sign. Coupled with information that the electrode has been positioned on the cerebral cortex (the frontal lobe of the mind, proper underneath the brow), together with measurements taken a impartial floor reference (resembling on the person’s ear, the place there are not any neurons) we are able to make calculations about ranges of consideration, focus, and leisure.

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