Beyond Pizza: Make Perfectly Crisp Foods with a Pizza Stone

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A pizza stone is remarkably extra versatile than the identify suggests. In addition to serving to you make selfmade pizza and keep your oven’s temperature more even, with a pizza stone you possibly can bake crustier breads, roast greens, make frozen meals crispier, and extra.

Pizza stones maintain their warmth exceptionally properly and pull moisture from the outer floor of no matter you placed on it. Cooking Light discussion board members recommend utilizing it for something you’ll make on a baking sheet and for frozen meals like fish sticks and french fries—you do not have to show something and the stone absorbs a few of the ice crystals. In the photograph above, pita bread pockets are getting crispy.

Food Republic notes that the new stone can be best for roasting greens: 15 minutes at 375 (F) is all it ought to take to get that good roasted char in your veggies. And then you possibly can put them on high of your selfmade pizza.

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Photo by jackie-dee

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