Baseball Fan Catches Two Consecutive Foul Balls Barehanded

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What started as a traditional afternoon sport between the Oakland A’s and the Kansas City Royals became a statistical anomaly.

In the underside of the sixth inning, A’s left fielder Chad Pinder fouled a ball from Royals’ pitcher Scott Barlow again off into the seats ― the place an A’s fan recognized solely as Bill from Pittsburg, California, was prepared and ready.

Everyone round Bill celebrated and cheered as he made the catch –– customary incidence at a ball sport.

Bill had to jump up to make his first catch.


Bill needed to bounce as much as make his first catch.

On Barlow’s very subsequent supply, Pinder once more fouled the pitch again ― and as soon as once more, Bill grabbed the ball because it got here proper to him. (He later advised NBC’s Kara Tsuboi that he’d by no means caught a ball at a sport earlier than.)

Bill barely left his seat to snag the second foul ball.


Bill barely left his seat to snag the second foul ball.

The second catch virtually seems like a replay of the primary, however Bill is, in reality, catching two fouls balls on two consecutive pitches. What are the probabilities?

SB Nation places the chances of catching one foul ball in a baseball sport at about 1-580, and the chances of catching two in a sport at 1-336,400. But the chances of catching two foul balls on two consecutive pitches have to be astronomical.

Still, the identical phenomenon happened just last year ― are you prepared for this? ― in the identical stadium, the Oakland Coliseum.

Ryan Noone makes two impressive catches at the Coliseum.


Ryan Noone makes two spectacular catches on the Coliseum.

A’s fan Ryan Noone caught two consecutive foul balls (and he wanted to maneuver much more than Bill did).

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