Atmega Programming With USBtinyISP and Arduino

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This is to point out how one can program an Amtel Atmega chip utilizing a USB AVR programmer.  I’ve chosen the USBtinyISP to program.  I picked mine up on ebay for i feel $10.  I can even be utilizing the Arduino software program, as a result of it’s free and I just like the language it makes use of.  You are welcome to make use of any software program you prefer to, and I’ll attempt to submit extra tutorials on utilizing totally different software program choices as I get round to them.

First obtain the software program from  Next we might want to arrange header pins for our AVR programmer.  To program the Atmega328 I’m utilizing right here we’re going to want the 6 pin header.  Be very cautious with the photographs I’ve posted.  They are from the Arduino web site.  The one labeling every of the pins may be deceptive.  You have to pay particular consideration the precise numbers of every pin.  Compare the second picture and third picture above to grasp the place pin #1 is.

First make your connections to the Atmega328.  There are three information connections, 1 reset, and a pair of energy/floor connections.  (making up the 6 pin header)

Once you’ve got made certain all six connections are right, plug your ISP programmer into your laptop and the 6 pin header into the ISP programmer.  

You ought to see the ability mild come on on the ISP programmer.  Make certain you’ve got downloaded the driving force for the programmer.  I had some points with putting in the driving force.  I ended up needing to enter my laptop’s gadget supervisor, choose the programmer and select replace driver, after which manually direct it to the driving force installer.  It was a ache, however as soon as I did that every little thing was working appropriately.

Next open up arduino.  For this tutorial we’re going to simply use the Blink instance program. I’ve modified the LED pin to Digital pin 9 although.  The motive for doing it’s because we can not have any low-impedance (resistance) on any of the pins the ISP programmer makes use of.  the unique pin within the arduino instance is 13, which is the pin that the SCK connection makes use of.

So open up the “BLINK” instance and alter the LED pin to pin 9.

Next we’ve got two choices.  Either you possibly can maintain shift and press add, or go to file>add utilizing programmer.

both method, it ought to confirm your program, then the busy LED on the ISP programmer ought to flash, and this system needs to be uploaded to the atmega328.

And that needs to be it.  Place a resistor and LED on pin 9 (the underside proper pin) and it ought to flash on and off

Thats the best set-up to utilizing an ISP programmer.  I’ll hopefully add extra choices as I’m able to get by way of them.

Now there may be one draw back to this.  You not have the serial connection to the arduino software program that you simply do with a standard FTDI connection.  The upside is we no-longer want the bootloader, so when our chip is powered, this system begins instantly.  You can nonetheless use serial instructions, you simply cant watch them within the serial monitor with out the FTDI cable related too.

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