Astronaut Scott Kelly now has completely different DNA than his similar twin after one 12 months in house

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(CBS) — Astronaut Scott Kelly set a file for the longest single spaceflight in historical past and now NASA is saying the journey made him a “new man” as nicely. A examine of Kelly and his similar twin brother discovered that spendingnearly a 12 months in house considerably modified the astronaut’s DNA.

Kelly spent 340 straight days aboard the International Space Station from 2015 to 2016. When the NASA veteran returned to Earth, researchers instantly famous that he had grown two inches in peak. A brand new studycomparing Scott to his similar twin, Mark — who can also be a NASA astronaut and stayed on Earth throughout the 340-day journey — has revealed that long-term house journey alters extra than simply your peak.

Photos: Astronaut Scott Kelly lands back on Earth after 340 days in space

“Scott’s telomeres (endcaps of chromosomes that shorten as one ages) really turned considerably longer in house,” NASA researchers wrote in a statement. The house company added that Kelly had a whole bunch of “house genes” activated by the year-long flight which reportedly altered the astronaut’s “immune system, DNA restore, bone formation networks, hypoxia, and hypercapnia.”

While Scott Kelly’s peak and 93 % of his DNA returned to regular after returning to Earth, NASA confirmed that seven % of his genes have remained modified and should keep that means. “This is regarded as from the stresses of house journey, which may trigger adjustments in a cell’s organic pathways and ejection of DNA and RNA,” researchers added.

NASA additionally discovered that Kelly’s psychological reflexes and accuracy dropped off considerably after coming again to Earth. The psychological decelerate was blamed on “re-exposure and adjustment to Earth’s gravity.”

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