[Arduino Etheret Project] Hey You!! Get Away From My Home!!!

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To ship google electronic mail from arduino by means of TEMBOO now we have to do one thing first.

[Need Google Account]

  1. Make google account. [Make Google account]
  2. Need a google App-specific password that generated after 2-Step Verfication. [Google App-specific password setting]

[How to use TEMBOO]

  1. Download attatched TEMBOO library and set up like as IRLED/Twitter library to your Arduino put in listing
  2. Make TEMBOO accout first [TEMBOO accout]
  3. There are many APIs already ready by TEMBOO. We will use “ship google electronic mail” API on this undertaking, so now we have to go [Google > Gmail > SendEmail]
  4. [Important] And you need to choose “IoT Mode [ON]” which is positioned in high/proper with yellow charactor.
  5. And take a look at ship electronic mail with fillout pink field and click on Run. (See Picture)
  6. We can see the Arduino sketch supply code for ship gmail from TEMBOO as beneath
  7. Now we will use TEMBOO for ship gmail

[Sketch source code]

/* Setup shield-specific #embrace statements */
#embrace <SPI.h> #embrace <Dhcp.h> #embrace <Dns.h> #embrace <Ethernet.h> #embrace <EthernetConsumer.h> #embrace <Temboo.h> #embrace "TembooAccount.h" // Contains Temboo account info

byte ethernetMACAddress[] = ETHERNET_SHIELD_MAC; EthernetConsumer consumer; int numRuns = 1; // Execution depend, so this does not run eternally int maxRuns = 10; // Maximum variety of occasions the Choreo needs to be executed

void setup() void loop()

[“TembooAccount.h”, Header file]

IMPORTANT NOTE about TembooAccount.h TembooAccount.h incorporates your Temboo account info and should be included alongside your sketch. To accomplish that, make a brand new tab in Arduino, name it TembooAccount.h, and duplicate this content material into it. */ #outline TEMBOO_ACCOUNT "your_temboo_account" // Your Temboo account title #outline TEMBOO_APP_KEY_NAME "myFirstApp" // Your Temboo app key title #outline TEMBOO_APP_KEY "1eb4e************************39a61" // Your Temboo app key #outline ETHERNET_SHIELD_MAC /* The similar TembooAccount.h file settings can be utilized for all Temboo SDK sketches. Keeping your account info in a separate file means you may share the primary .ino file with out worrying that you just forgot to delete your credentials. */

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