Apple II Watch

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The important program is an easy Arduino sketch operating on the Teensy three.1 (hooked up above are the principle sketch, required libraries, bitmap photos, and sound results). You’ll want the Teensy IDE + loader to run this. Paul Stoffregen has put a whole lot of work into making the Teensy dev boards superior and simple to make use of, in order that they’re my go-to micro for fast embedded tasks.

The program does a couple of issues:


The important person interface is a rotary encoder, ehem, digital crown, so the teensy makes use of an interrupt-based (by way of the Encoder library) to test for any rotation. The Bounce library makes fast work of simply studying the button. Spinning the knob cycles via highlighting the sub-menu choice with a button press for entrance and exit of stated sub-menu.

Boot Sequence

The watch does a fast “boot” up routine to imitate the start-up means of an actual Apple ][ laptop. A full display of of brackets fills earlier than the system beep, adopted by a disk drive head “calibration.” Both noises are .MP3 recordsdata which might be performed on the tiny 2 watt speaker.


The important person display reveals the present date and time and a plain all caps listing of varied submenu features:

clock – reveals a random analog clock face

health – fills up “progress bars” for shifting, exercising, and standing

footage – cycles via a number of bitmaps

phonebook – shows an inventory of abbreviated names

climate – reveals a photograph of Earth

music – slowly animates a flower opening

utility – shows a static picture of a butterfly

disk supervisor -blinks the disk drive LEDs a pair instances

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