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These could be some very costly equipment.

Sarah Tew/CNET

What’s in a colour? 

You can purchase an Apple Magic keyboard with a numeric keypad for $129 (£129, AU$179), however it comes within the firm’s normal shade of silver with white keys. Boring. Truly stylish Mac house owners need the rarest of animals: a space-gray keyboard, trackpad and mouse that solely comes bundled with a $5,000 iMac Pro. For that, they will need to empty their pockets on eBay.

The iMac Pro arrived in mid-December, and since then a number of of the peripherals have popped up on eBay, separated from the unique techniques. A space-gray keyboard sold on Dec. 31 for $285 (£210, AU$360) whereas a set that included a mouse and black lightning cable topped out at $635 (£470, AU$810) on the identical day.

But it would not finish there. Boing Boing took note of a trio of space-gray peripherals, together with a trackpad, that ended on a bid of $1,525 (£1,130, AU$1,945) on Tuesday. You may purchase an entire iMac system for that a lot, although it will include a completely plebeian silver keyboard. 

There is a twist to that bonkers eBay sale value. The vendor, bfriedland174, relisted the keyboard set Wednesday and advised me the excessive bidder for the primary public sale turned out to be a scammer. “I believe it is a sample I will be seeing numerous with this area of interest product,” bfriendland174 stated.

There is a restrict to the insanity. A distinct vendor tried to hawk a space-gray set for $2,499 (half the value of the iMac Pro) and obtained precisely zero bids, so a minimum of we all know there is a line even space-gray lovers apparently will not cross.

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