Ancient Chicken Trap

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Now you understand how to make the traditional hen entice. It works by flicking the string over the hen’s neck as soon as the hen pecks on the bait you set contained in the bowl. The entice works by counting on the hen’s pecking habits, the upward motion of its head would bump on the fronds and trigger them to spring out  and ensnare the neck. The sudden jerk would trigger the hen to panic and run, tightening the noose round its neck. It’ll be prepared so that you can subdue and seize it for domestication. 

Some ultimate notes on the hen entice:

Always watch out in making the entice, easy might it appear it may nonetheless misfire and harm you.

Making the string too small would trigger the hen to peck beneath the string/ rope. 

Using a deep bowl may not work because the hen wouldn’t simply see the bait inside it.

Chickens are…uhm, chickens! They’d flee within the first signal of hazard. Wild chickens you could discover on an island would certainly be suspicious so give your entice some room to work.

Secure your entice, dig just a little to place your bowl within the floor to keep away from it being bumped and tilted by the hen. A half coconut with husk would sit correctly if the underside of the husk has been chopped off and is flat.

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