Ancient African Artifacts May Solve the Mystery of Earth

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The 2003 catastrophe film The Core could also be tacky sci-fi, however there’s nothing fictional about the South Atlantic Anomaly, a area stretching from Chile to Zimbabwe the place the Earth’s magnetic subject is considerably weaker. In truth, scientists have seen that the Earth’s magnetic subject has been getting rapidly weaker for the previous few years.

But first issues first—the Anomaly.


This weak spot within the Earth’s magnetic subject has been migrating westward for the previous seven years and was located over South America in 2016. According to ScienceAlert, the world is weak sufficient that satellites are being diverted round it as a result of the chance of being bombarded by unfiltered stellar radiation is just too excessive—amongst many different issues, Earth’s magnetic subject usually protects us from the sort of radiation. The large questions now are whether or not the anomaly will proceed to weaken, or if it should bounce again and regain energy. One main clue got here from a impossible place: the burning of African huts.

About 1,000 years in the past, the Limpopo River valley of Africa fell throughout the borders of the South Atlantic Anomaly, and the Bantu folks of this area had a singular follow that concerned burning their clay huts and grain as a part of a ritual to finish droughts. When the Bantu folks burned the clay at excessive temperatures, the warmth brought on magnetic minerals within the materials to protect a file of the Earth’s magnetic subject. By analyzing this clay centuries later, scientists can get a snapshot of the previous.

This led to the invention that the South Atlantic Anomaly has gone via related fluctuations in energy a number of instances over the previous few thousand years, and should in reality be brought on by an enormous hunk of dense rock referred to as the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province floating round on the mantle and interfering with our planet’s iron core (which is considered the supply of our magnetic subject).

It’s unclear whether or not the Earth’s magnetic subject as a complete will stabilize in time, however this new discovery provides hope that the South Atlantic Anomaly will not break down and bleach an excellent portion of the planet with stellar radiation.

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