A Get Smart Style Cone of Silence

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Work out how lengthy you need your cone of silence.

If, like me, you might be utilizing 2.4m lengthy sheets of PETG, you want the entire size to be not more than about 2 metres, so 2.4m size can attain from finish to finish, permitting for the curvature of the domes.

Assuming that the domes segments are 20cm vast on the base, the entire perimeter of the cone of silence will likely be 6x20cm plus 2x the size of the striaght edge.

For a skirt product of 2×2.4m lengths, this implies the straight edges should be lower than four.eight – 1.2 = three.6m, or 1.8m all sides.

But the highest bit will likely be a bit shorter, as a result of the domes will utterly cowl 20cm at every finish, and partially cowl the following half.

So, in any case that, this implies you might want to minimize a bit of PETG that’s 146cm x 64cm.

Fold the lengthy edges all the way down to make a tab about 2cm vast on all sides. This will likely be used to hitch the highest to the skirt.

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