20 Space-Themed Baby Names Parents Are Giving Their Newborns

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Parents draw child title inspiration from all kinds of locations ― from the food they eat to the animals they love. Even TV exhibits like “Game of Thrones” have impressed a slew of selections. 

Recently, many individuals have taken to trying past Earth for concepts, a development that’s more likely to proceed amid current massive occasions just like the total solar eclipse and SpaceX’s historic rocket launch.

HuffPost appeared on the Social Security Administration’s child title information and located a variety of names associated to planets and different area phenomena (some additionally produce other associations, like Roman gods). 

Here are 20 space-related names and the variety of newborns given these names in 2016: 

Mercury (5 boys, six ladies)

Galaxy (5 boys, 18 ladies)

Mars (56 boys, six ladies)

Star (5 boys, 91 ladies)

Jupiter (41 boys, 78 ladies)

Luna (six boys, three,645 ladies)

Nova (150 boys, 2,272 ladies)

Orion (1,059 boys, 33 ladies)

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