10 Ways to Repurpose Plastic Easter Eggs

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Springtime String Lights

Drill small holes into the tops of plastic egg halves, and insert a string gentle into every one. Glue ball fringe or ribbon in spring colours to make a garland you may grasp all season lengthy.

Hanging Planter

Drill or reduce a gap on the high of half a jumbo egg. Wrap and scorching glue the egg half utilizing garments line rope. Cover the cording with foam stickers, and spray paint in any desired shade. Let dry, and take away the stickers. Attach a sequence to hold, and fill along with your favourite plant.

Nest Necklace

Wrap and scorching glue half of a small plastic egg in twine, and fill with fake eggs from the floral part of the craft retailer. Use a jewellery equipment to assemble the necklace.

Metallic Pendant Light

Rain Day Mobile

Crib mobiles aren’t only for nurseries. String blue plastic eggs in several hues, and use material glue to connect to a cloud-shaped felt piece. Hang from a plant hook, and show in any room.

Stylish Room Divider

To make a straightforward room divider or window remedy embellishment, drill holes in plastic egg halves. String them onto yarn, and categorical your creativity by including beads, patterned paper straws and pom poms in any variation. 

Bacon-and-Eggs Garland

Make plastic eggs appear like the actual cope with a unusual, enjoyable eggs-and-bacon garland. To make, reduce circles out of white felt and scorching glue to yellow plastic egg halves. Glue the finished eggs to twine, and glue bacon duct tape in between the eggs. Hang the garland in a breakfast nook or on a buffet desk.

Multicolored Marquee Light

Buy a ready-made marquee gentle, and provides it an ambient glow by attaching plastic egg halves over the lights.

Terrarium Gnomes

Create an cute terrarium full with backyard gnomes. To make, glue half a plastic egg to a spherical wooden piece for the hat. Glue the spherical wooden piece to a cylinder wooden piece for the physique. Paint a face on the spherical piece, and paint the cylinder piece in any shade. Glue a pom pom on high of the plastic egg hat and a number of ones on the spherical piece to make the beard. To make mushrooms, paint a plastic egg half in crimson. Let dry, then paint white polka dots, and glue to a cylinder wooden piece to finish. Fill a terrarium or glass jar with moss, dust, rocks, mushrooms and backyard gnomes.

Pot Filler

Dirt can get heavy if you fill a pot all the best way. Plastic eggs assist fill pots with out the added weight, so you may simply carry them from one spot in the home to a different.

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