10 Easy Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly

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On the inside, heat, humid air from your property’s inside is blown by the evaporator coil. The chilly coil absorbs warmth from the air, cooling it, earlier than the air is circulated again into your property. The humidity within the air condenses on the cool floor of the evaporator coil as liquid water, dripping right into a pan under. From the pan, the water flows right into a drain tube which is often routed right into a basement flooring drain, utility sink, or open air.

Over time, algae and mould can construct up and probably plug the drain, so if the drain is both not flowing or flowing very slowly, it’s going to have to be unplugged. A plugged drain can both trigger harm by flooding onto the ground or, if the system is provided with a drain float, trigger the system to cease cooling with a view to keep away from flooding.

First, discover the drain line the place it leaves the evaporator coil enclosure. The drain is often a one-inch PVC pipe (white, gray, or black). Follow it to the tip the place it drains. Often the road drains exterior close to the condenser unit, however it might probably additionally drain right into a utility sink or basement flooring drain or, within the case of attic models, down an outdoor wall.

Once positioned, use a moist/dry vacuum to clear the drain. It’s finest to take away the paper filter from the moist/dry vacuum in order to not spoil the filter. Hold the hose of the moist/dry vacuum to the tip of the drain line. You can use duct tape or just maintain a rag across the hole. Turn on the vacuum for 2-Three minutes then flip off. This will clear the drain of any rising organic matter.

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