10 Amazing Jack O

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Pumpkin three.141593

Pumpkin Pi — received to like an excellent pun. Photo by Casey Fleser

“Here’s Johnny”

Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson’s long-time sidekick on the Tonight Show was paid homage in pumpkin. Photo by Bernard Markowicz.

Classic Frankenstein

There’s nothing like a clench-jawed, square-headed brute to brighten up the evening. Photo by Bernard Markowicz.

Light Up a Starry Night

There’s one thing about Vincent van Gogh and a carving knife that simply appears eerily mistaken. Photo by Bernard Markowicz.

A Toothy Grin

This grimacing gourd has diabolic eyebrows and a large smile with textured enamel that appear to be they may use an excellent brushing. Photo by Kyle Nishioka.

Igor or “Eye-gor”

Anyone sufficiently old to recollect the 1974 Mel Brooks film Young Frankenstein, is certain to recall Marty Feldman’s eye-popping portrayal of Igor. Photo by Bernard Markowicz.

“Here’s Looking at You Kid”

This portrait of Casablanca actor Humphrey Bogart captures his gangster persona and trademark fedora. (Photo by Bernard Markowicz)

Hero of the Hudson

This jack o’ lantern honors Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who in January 2009 ditched his airplane within the Hudson River, saving all 155 passengers aboard. Photo by Bernard Markowicz.

Hello Kitty

Typically, jack O’ lanterns are monsters or demons, however how a few cute and cuddly kitty cat? Photo by Bernard Markowicz.

“Ouch, I’ve Got a Headache”

The thick rind of this pumpkin was carved with out penetrating the floor – apart from the fork. Photo by Kyle Nishioka.

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